Fantastic shops, beaches, home of eccentric architecture and world renowned artists – Barcelona has a lot to see. Have a look at our quick city rundown so you don’t miss the best bits on your hen weekend Barcelona style.

Getting your bearings

Barcelona is a great city to explore en-foot, although the cities transport system is easy to use and covers most of the city and its surrounding areas. When you first arrive in the city you may find yourself at the Placa Catalunya, the heart of the city. To get your bearing from here is quite easy.

To the north of the square is the new part of Barcelona – with new shopping centres and a business districts. To the south you will see the Las Ramblas which will lead all the way down to the port and beaches. Either side of the Ramblas you have the Gothic Quarter, Old town and the multicultural area of El Raval.

Top spots!

Las Ramblas – Wide boulevard that sweeps up from the port to the Placa Catalunya. Lined with cafes, bars and restaurants. Full of tourists meandering their way through Barcelona’s centre. There are lots of shops on either side of this popular street. Take care when walking through at night as Las Ramblas has seedy sections; pickpockets are known to target tourists in this area so be careful of your possessions.

Gothic Quarter – full of character, this lovely area in the centre of Barcelona is full of twisty little lanes all leading up to the impressive La Seu Cathedral. Great views over the city centre from the top and perfect for seeing Gaudi’s top architecture on your Barcelona hen.

Port Olympic – Since its face lift for the 1992 Olympics this area of Barcelona just keeps improving. Full of smart shops, bars and restaurants. From here you can explore Barcelona’s string of beaches.

All things Gaudi – Gaudi’s famous architectural traits can be found all over this city. In the district of La E’ixample you will find the Sagrada Familia. This cathedral is not actually finished, and could need another 80 years of funding. Like it or loath it most are still impressed with the grandeur of this building. The La Pedrera is another fine example of Gaudi’s work. This block of apartments appears to have a ripple effect to the facade. Just north of the city centre you will find the Gaudi Park, packed with amazing sculptures and mosaic work. Also enjoys lovely views over the city.

Nou Camp – Home to FC Barcelona’s football team the impressive stadium is just east of the city centre. Built with money made from selling season tickets 5 years in advance this much loved stadium is a high on the tourist trail of Barcelona. Although getting a ticket to watch a match here can be quite hard – you can take a tour of the stadium very easily.

Find out more about Barcelona hen Weekends here.

Christmas parties in Newcastle

Christmas parties in Newcastle

Newcastle has long been recognised as a hub for the forward-thinking approach. The ‘Innovation Machine’, a project established in 2009 to bring experts to Tyneside and provide them with help and funding to create high-tech firms, has been busy boosting the region’s economy from its headquarters at Science City. Christmas parties in Newcastle have also tended to follow this trend. 2010 saw a handful of superb events being hosted, including a series of X-Factor party nights, a Soul & Motown evening and a Murder Mystery bash. The first Newcastle Christmas parties in 2011 have started to go live on the Eventa website and they are already looking better than ever.

We are most excited about a fabulous run of company Christmas events taking place in the Times Square area of the city, entitled ‘To Russia With Love’. Indeed, it will feel like you’ve stepped into a wintry wonderland of opulence and splendour at this Newcastle Christmas party. Guests will be able to sip Vodka cocktails from the immaculately sculpted Ice Bar, whilst dinner is served within a mock-up of the Tsar’s Palace! Cossack sword dancers will battle it out to the tune of a traditional Russian band playing in the background. Then, once you’ve devoured some luxury cheese and biscuits, a fun casino will throw open its doors, not to mention dodgems and the disco.

Amongst the other shared Christmas parties taking place in Newcastle in 2011, we find a plethora of tribute nights springing up. A live band really adds another dimension to a Christmas party, bringing it to life with song and dance. They are the ideal way to complete a Christmas party meal, playing songs whilst you relax at your table before you hit the dance floor for the disco. This year we present a run of both Take That and Tom Jones tribute nights. The latter should see the ladies swooning and men itching to be as cool as the famous Welsh crooner, the former have you singing along to every word uttered by the ‘Fab Five’.

We’re adding more and more corporate Christmas parties in the North East to the site every day. Party goers in places like Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield and York can rest assured that they won’t need to travel far to find great Christmas parties taking place on their doorstep.

Here at Ace Weekends we like to think that we know a good party when we see one, and with flights to Eastern Europe at an all-time low, we reckon we’ve got an absolute belter of a city to recommend to you good people planning stag weekends away. Riga stag weekends are the some of the most popular on the market at present, with many companies offering budget activity-laden packages to send that groom off in style, amidst rivers of booze and more than a couple of scantily clad ladies.

Riga is such a brilliant city for stag dos because of its incredibly low alcohol prices and beautiful, history-steeped architecture that marks it out as ideal. The Stag Company, the UK’s leading provider of stag weekends has an enormous variety of these packages, to really maximise your time in this Latvian jewel.

Paintballing, go-karting and even bob-sledding form the main events of some of these packages, which also offer VIP entry to nightclubs and bars, specially chosen for their busy-ness and sheer quantities of beautiful women. Indeed, this is the city that hosts the “parade of blonde girls” every year, showcasing some of the talents this city holds in no short supply.

One of the best activities in this city for perfect stag weekends Riga style is fire-arms practice, which allows stags to receive training from a specialist in the finer arts of shooting real-life pistols and AK-47s at targets – if that doesn’t put the hairs on your chest, goodness knows what else will.

The main event, of course, for any successful stag weekend is the nights out and fortunately this is a city where this aspect is not ignored with an enormous amount of bars and clubs catered for every taste and whim – most importantly the drinks are awfully cheap, with pints coming in at little over a £1 at most places.

We are not all blessed to live in or new a location such as London, Edinburgh, Brighton or Bath, which offer fantastic festive delights at Christmas time, as well as a wide range of party packages.

As a result we can feel lacking in choice when it comes to organising a Christmas party for colleagues and friends as you are often restricted by location.

However, Christmas party oganisers Eventa have searched the country for great venues in all cities and towns in England, Wales and Scotland to ensure there is a Christmas party to relish regardless of where you are from.

Coventry Christmas parties, Southampton Xmas nights and Luton party evenings are just a selection of the locations that boast fantastic Christmas events, but check out their website ( for the full range.

As hen party organiser one of your tasks may be to equip everyone with the essential hen night accessories for the evening, which can be a tough task to pull off if you are not a hen party veteran.

Hopefully the brief run down of the essential hen night accessories below will help guide you in the right direction.

Willy Straws

The cheapest of the essential hen night accessories is also the funniest. These little straws are cheeky chappies that make sipping on a drink much funnier than it should be. An ideal inclusion in a hen party goodie bag.

Hen Night Sashes

Every bride-to-be should wear a sash on her big party day. They can proudly show off that the party is all about them with a hen night sash in the colour and style of their choice. There are also hen night sashes available for the rest of the girls in the group.

Dare to do it cards

These cards are the most practical of the hen party games as it can be pulled out from a pocket or handbag when the party needs an injection of cheeky humour. The set of dare cards present some funny challengers for the bride-to-be and everyone else that is brave enough to take part.

Hen Party Bopper

A great way to give all the hen party girls a similar look is to give them all some party boppers as a fun headgear option. They come in all sorts of colours and styles, while there are special version for the different roles on the night.

Willy Whistle

Give the girls a way of making some noise and get everyone laughing at the same time with another cheeky accessory in the form of a willy whistle.

Hen parties are designed to be cheeky and cheesy and we wouldn’t want it any other way. It is a night where you will dress up in cheesy hen night accessories, listen to cheesy music, go to cheesy venues and play cheesy hen party games.

Let us focus on these party games that on any other night would seem ridiculous and childish, but on a last night of freedom they seem like the best idea in the world.

We have the dare dice game, which involves a role of a pair of dice to reveal a cheeky dare by combinging a person and a challenge. For example you may be asked to approach a cute guy with a chat-up line, which will of course be cheesy, or you may not to ask a geek to marry you. A regular evening in town then!

Next up with have a scavanger hunt game, which can be used to challenge all the group to do a wide of range of cheeky tasks in order to pick up as many points as possible. The one with the most points is the winner, although other than some kind of hen night pride, there isn’t much incentive. However, that is the sober mindset, whereas after a cocktail or two you’ll all be desperately hunting for man to give up his underwear. Honestly!

Possibly a little more sensible is the ‘How well do you know the bride game?’ which could be ideal for any bride that is yet to make up their mind as to who should be her chief bridesmaid. You’ll be battling it out with each other to see who has been paying attention to the bride all these years.

For all of these games and a load more hen night ideas visit

If you are organising a party, such as a stag do or a hen night, there is a fair amount of responsibility on you to ensure everyone has fun, or at least that the evening is not a disaster.

As the party can involve some people that do not know each other it can be hard to get people to relax and get into the party mood, creating an awkward atmosphere. One of the best ways to get around this is to start the night with a visit to a comedy club.

Primarily the comedy club should give everyone plenty of reasons to laugh and unless the comedians and awful it should put you all in a good mood, while it also creates subjects to discuss after he show is over.

You can also enjoy some drinks before, during and after the performances, which benefit from the regular intervals as it allow guests that are still finding their feet to get to know everyone in short doses.

However, the best reason to go to a comedy club for a stag or a hen night is there is a fair chance at least one of the comedians will pick up on a there being a hen party of a stag party in the audience and make a few light-hearted jokes at the expense of the groom or bride-to-be, which is part of the course on their party night.

The best comedy clubs are in the biggest cities, so if you are on a hen night in London or a stag night in Newcastle you should be in for a treat.

Hen Party Games

A popular idea for hens is to introduce some hen party games to the part. These usually involve some cheeky dares for the bride to tackle but the rest of the girls can get involved in the action. Here are three fun hen party games to consider for your big hen party night.

Dare to do hen party cards

This handy pack of cards are easy to take out on a hen night in a handbag or pocket and then when the evening needs a kick start the cards can be introduced. If you feel the embarrassment can be shared with the bride-to-be and the girls you can allow each person to draw a card from the pack. Each person than has a dare to do before the night is out. Will you get lucky and be asked to steal a beer mat, or less so and asked to dance on a table. Good luck!

Hen Scavenger Hunt

Hand the bride-to-be and the rest of the part a task sheet to complete on the hen night. If this sounds like hard work or boring you could not be more wrong. The tasks included on this hen scavenger hunt are hilarious and guaranteed to have the girls rolling around on the floor in hysterics. As the tasks get more difficult to complete the points on offer increases, so who will be the champion when you tally up the score come the end of the night? From using a cheesy pick up line on a strange for 1 points to asking a guy to marry you for a whipping 100 points – this is a fun game that delivers every time.

Hen Party Decision Dice

These two dice are the perfect hen accessory to take out on a hen party. Choose a player to roll the dice and then watch with baited breath at the task she is going to be set. Will you be able to hold back the laughter if the hen party decision dice say to hug a short guy or wink at a nerdy guy? This is just a cheeky little bit of fun that will help provide some giggles from time to time during your hen night celebrations.

If you are heading for a stag weekend in Newquay, you have probably been lured by the great outdoor life in this Cornwall coastal town, as well as the fabulous surfing conditions. However, you’ll also be looking for a least one big stag night to send the groom-to-be off in style.

We know how difficult it can be to plan nights out when you are not overly familiar with the location, so we have used our experience of hosting party nights out to bring you this rough guide on where to go on your stag night in Newquay.

Start your evening off in The Black Sheep Bar for your first beer and get some grub at the same time. The bar has a relaxed atmosphere and is famed for its good quality food,  while it is easy to find within yards of Newquay’s train station, so this could also be your first drinking venue on arriving on your weekend holiday.

Then head off to The Sailor’s Arms, which is a great venue to watch football in and to stay in and get drink. We think you’ll happily get on merry way here and then your next stop is one of Newquay’s famed nightclubs.

First up is Berties, which is Newquay’s biggest club. It holds over 2000 and has a range of nights on offer and often gets guests DJs such as Trevor Nelson performing to the masses of party animals. This is a super-complex with three clubs and six bars within the one venue so there is no danger of getting bored by your surroundings.

You’ve already been to Sailor’s Pub, so why not finish your night at the famous Sailors Club, which is Newquay’s iconic nightclub venue.

Stags are sure to bump into a number of Newquay hen parties here so you’ll be able to party hard into the early hours in this fantastic stag do location.

It is traditional to challenge the bride-to-be to at least a couple of dares on her last night of freedom. As much as she is looking forward to her big party night there will be some trepidation over what is in store as her bridesmaids and best friends hatch their cunning plans.

If the girls want some assistance in organising some dare games there are a large number of props and games to help them out. Here are just a few of our favourites, which you can find at online retailer Hen Stuff.

Dare Dice

Stand back as the bride-to-be rolls the dice to reveal her first dare of the night. The two dice will reveal her task, which could be to tickle a bald man, or pinch the bum of the cutest guy in the room. Whatever option she roles is sure to have the girls on the floor laughing.

Dare checklist

Give the bride-to-be a list of ten challenges, which during the night she must try and complete. She can tick them off as she goes, starting with the easy option of stealing coasters from the bar to getting her hands on a guy’s boxers.

Dare cards

These pack of cards are handy to take out in your purse and when the party is in need of a kick-start out they can come. Give the bride-to-be the chance to select one of the cards from the pack, which will give her a funny and/or cheeky challenge.

Of course lots of these games and challenges can include the rest of the hen party if you are decent enough to share out the embarrassing dares. As well as these games Hen Stuff has countless hen party accessories on offer to enhance your big night.